Lotus Docs

A lightweight, modern documentation theme for Hugo. Easily customised for building fast, secure, and SEO-friendly documentation sites.

Open Source MIT Licensed.

Lotus Docs Screenshot

Why choose Lotus Docs?

Lotus Docs is a highly configurable Hugo documentation theme. Yet, with the default configuration you can deploy and publish your documentation site in a matter of minutes. Check out some core features below.



4 x 100’s score on Google Lighthouse by default. Lotus Docs removes unused CSS, prefetches asset links, and lazy loads content images.


SEO Friendly

Data is automatically structured to be SEO friendly. Includes Meta tags, Opengraph, and Twitter cards. Choose the settings that best suit you.


Secure by default

Lotus Docs’ default configuration scores A+ on Mozilla Observatory. You can update the default Security Headers to suit your requirements.


Optional Features

Many Lotus Docs features are configurable via optional parameters. Require DocSearch for your site? Then enable it via a single setting.


Deploy to Vercel

Deploy to Vercel in seconds. Vercel Functions, Vercel Redirects/Rewrites, and Vercel Headers are all configurable for an enriched experience.


Dark Mode

Prefer not to be blasted by the sun while reading? Switch to a low-light UI with the click of a button. Modify colour variables to match your branding.


Search by DocSearch

Search your docs with DocSearch. A powerful, efficient and accessible search solution built on Algolia Crawler & Autocomplete.


Multilingual Support

Lotus Docs supports Hugo’s Multilingual Mode. Create documentation in multiple languages side by side with i18n support.


Bootstrap v5

Built on Bootstrap 5, Lotus Docs allows for a familiar, flexible, and intuitive developer experience. Easily customise your site via SCSS variables and files.

Customise The Lotus Docs Appearance

Much of Lotus Docs’ appearance can be customised. Dark mode is optional (enabled by default) and you can choose a Google font that suites you via the config parameters.

images/screenshots/lotusdocs_dark_v0.8.webp images/screenshots/lotusdocs_light_v0.8.webp
images/screenshots/lotusdocs_google_font_demo_inter_screenshot.webp images/screenshots/lotusdocs_google_font_demo_lifesavers_screenshot.webp
images/screenshots/lotusdocs_blue_theme_colour.webp images/screenshots/lotusdocs_cardinal_theme_colour.webp