Welcome to the Lotus Docs user guide. This guide shows you how to start creating technical documentation sites using Lotus Docs, including site customisation and using Lotus Docs’ features and templates.

What is Lotus Docs?

Lotus Docs is a theme for the Hugo static site generator (SSG), specifically designed for technical documentation sets and includes many best practices by default (The site you’re currently reading was built using the Lotus Docs theme!). Use Lotus Docs to get a working and reliable documentation site up and running fast, leaving valuable time to focus on creating content for your users.


Many of the features and configurations available in the Lotus Docs theme are on display here in this documentation. You can clone this entire site and edit it to suit your projects, or explore the site, its source and see what Lotus Docs can do. Check out a few of Lotus Docs’ features:

Who is Lotus Docs for?

Lotus Docs is (currently) suited to small or medium technical documentation sets with 100 or fewer pages of docs. That’s not to say Lotus Docs won’t scale to larger documentation sets, just that its navigation and site structure may not be sufficient for larger data sets without heavy customisation.

The good news is that development to accommodate such sites is part of the development roadmap. So keep an eye on the Lotus Docs GitHub repository for updates.

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