A list of available configuration settings in the site configuration file, hugo.toml, hugo.yaml, or hugo.json:


Google Fonts

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
google_fontsarrayN/AAn array of Google fonts and sizes to load. e.g.
google_fonts = [["Inter", "300, 400, 600, 700"],["Fira Code", "500, 700"]]
This will load the Google Inter and Fira Code fonts in the specified sizes.
sans_serif_fontstringSystem FontSet the Sans Serif font. e.g. "Inter"
secondary_fontstringSystem FontSet the Secondary font. e.g. "Inter"
mono_fontstringSystem FontSet the Mono font. e.g. "Fira Code"


ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
copyrightstringN/ASets the footer copyright text for both the landing page and documentation site (supports Markdown)
versionbooleanfalseDisplay the site’s truncated git commit hash in the footer? TBC


Social links are displayed as icons in the top left corner of the Lotus Docs theme. This goes for the landing page and docs site.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
githubstringN/AEnables the GitHub social icon link using the GitHub URL value set here e.g. colinwilson or colinwilson/lotusdocs
twitterstringN/AEnables the Twitter / X social icon link using the username value set here e.g. lotusdocs
instagramstringN/AEnables the Instagram social icon link using the username value set here e.g. lotusdocs
rssbooleanfalseDisplay an RSS icon link?


Options to help you configure Lotus Docs to suite your needs.

Core Site Options

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
titlestringN/ASet the default HTML title for your documentation pages/sections e.g. Lotus Docs (This parameter is separate from the root Hugo title parameter that sets the title for your site overall e.g the landing page.)
pathNamestringdocsPathname for the documentation site. A few additional changes to the Lotus Docs theme are required when this value is updated. See the Installation guide for more details.
themeColorstringblueSet the sites accent color. This affects links, buttons and icons. Available options/colors include, blue (default), green, red, yellow, emerald, cardinal, magenta, cyan.
darkModebooleanfalseEnable Dark Mode?
prismbooleantrueEnable the PrismJS syntax highlighting plugin? See the Syntax Highlighting and Prism Shortcode guides for more details.
prismThemestringlotusdocsoptional - Set theme for PrismJS. Options include: lotusdocs, solarized-light, twilight, lucario. See the Syntax Highlighting guide for more details.

UI Options

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
breadcrumbsbooleantrueEnable breadcrumb navigation links above the content title?
descriptionsbooleantrueEnable front matter descriptions under content title?
backToTopbooleantrueEnable back-to-top button?
navDescbooleantrueEnable front matter descriptions in content Prev/Next navigation card links?
navDescTruncinteger40Number of characters by which to truncate the Prev/Next link front matter descriptions.
listDescTruncinteger100Number of characters by which to truncate card front matter description.

Icon Options

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
sidebarIconsbooleanfalseEnable icons for menu items in the sidebar?.
titleIconbooleanfalsePrefix content titles with an icon? When enabled and no icon is set in front matter, a the default Material Symbol icon article is set.

GitInfo Options

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
repoURLstringN/ASet the Git repository URL for your site e.g. https://github.com/colinwilson/lotusdocs.dev
repoBranchstringmain for GitHub and GitLab. master for BitBucketSet the branch name of your Git repository to use for your site e.g. main
editPagebooleanfalseEnable ‘Edit this page’ link at the bottom of documentation pages? Links to the Git repository set by the ghrepo parameter.
lastModbooleanfalseEnable ‘Last updated’ date at the bottom of documentation pages?
lastModRelativebooleantrueFormat the lastMod (if enabled) date parameter as relative? e.g. 8 hours ago, 2 months ago

Table of Contents

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
tocbooleantrueEnable a Table of Contents for all documentation pages? (Activates only if a documentation page generates a ToC).
tocMobilebooleantrueEnable a Table of Contents menu in mobile view? Helps navigate pages with a lot of headings/sections.
scrollSpybooleantrueEnable scrollSpy on the Table of Contents menus?
ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
intLinkTooltipbooleanfalseEnable tooltips for internal links? Displays info about the link’s destination? See the Link behaviour guide for more details.
extLinkNewTabbooleantrueOpen external links in a new Tab?
logoLinkURLstringtrueSet a custom URL destination for the top header logo link.


FlexSearch Options

See the the FlexSearch Guide for more information regarding the options below.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
enabledbooleantrueEnable FlexSearch?

Note: If [params.docsearch] is configured, FlexSearch is automatically disabled regardless of the value set here.
tokenizestringforwardSet the behaviour for the search process. Options include: full, strict, forward, and reverse.
optimizebooleanfalseEnabled to uses a memory-optimized stack flow for the FlexSearch index?
cacheinteger/boolean100Enable of set cache behaviour. FlexSearch will use the available cache to store popular searches.
minQueryCharinteger0Set the minimum number of entered characters required before any search results are rendered. 0 disables this requirement and results are shown as soon as any character is entered.
maxResultinteger5Set the maximum number of results presented for a search query.


DocSearch Options

See the the DocSearch Guide for more information about DocSearch.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
appIDstringN/ADocSearch / Algolia Application ID.
apiKeystringN/ADocSearch Algolia Search-Only API (Public) Key.
indexNamestringN/AIndex Name to perform search on.


Plausible Analytics Options

See the the Plausible Analytics Guide for more information about how to configure Plausible Analytics for your Lotus Docs site.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
dataDomainstringN/ASet the domain name that you wish to track via Plausible Analytics, e.g. lotusdocs.dev.
scriptURLstringhttps://plausible.io/js/script.jsoptional - Set the URL (domain/subdomain name) where your script.js file is self-hosted, e.g. https://plausible.lotusdocs.dev/js/script.js.
eventAPIstringN/Aoptional - Set the event API path. e.g. https://plausible.lotusdocs.dev/api/event


Feedback Widget

See the the Feedback Widget Guide for detailed information about how to configure the widget for Plausible and Google Analytics.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
enabledbooleanfalseEnable the Feedback Widget?

Note: Either Google or Plausible Analytics need to be configured for the Feedback Widget to function.
emoticonTplbooleanfalseoptional - Enable the emoticon Feedback Widget template?
eventDestarrayN/Aoptional - An array to define which configured web analytics services to send feedback events to. Available options currently include, google and plausible.

Note: If not set, the feedback widget will send feedback events to all web analytics services configured in hugo.toml.
successMsgstringThank you for helping to improve our documentation!optional - Set the message that’s displayed when feedback is successfully submitted.
errorMsgstringSorry! There was an error while attempting to submit your feedback!optional - Set the message that’s displayed when there is an error in submitting feedback.

Emoticon Feedback Template

Parameters specific to the emoticon feedback widget template.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
emoticonEventNamestringFeedbackoptional - Set the feedback event name for the emoticon template.

Default Feedback Template

Parameters specific to the default feedback template.

ParameterTypeDefault ValueDescription
positiveEventNamestringPositive Feedbackoptional - Set the name for the positive feedback event.
negativeEventNamestringNegative Feedbackoptional - Set the name for the negative feedback event.
positiveFormTitlestringWhat did you like?optional - Set the title for the positive feedback form.
negativeFormTitlestringWhat went wrong?optional - Set the title for the negative feedback form.
positiveFormarrayN/Aoptional - A nested array of ratings and descriptions for the positive feedback form. e.g. [["Easy to understand","Easy to follow and comprehend."]], the first element in the nested array represents the rating, and the second, the description.
negativeFormarrayN/Aoptional - A nested array of ratings and descriptions for the negative feedback form. e.g. [["Hard to understand","Too complicated or unclear."]], the first element in the nested array represents the rating, and the second, the description.

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